Rabbi Bridget was so amazing to work with. She was very flexible and attentive to our needs. She really wanted to make sure our wedding ceremony was exactly what we wanted and we could not be happier.

We like her so much our family has since used her again for other lifecycle rituals.

I would highly recommend her!
— Michelle

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My husband and I had a great experience working with Rabbi Bridget! She helped us design a beautiful ceremony and ketubah that included elements from both the Jewish and Mexican traditions.

We also had a few premarital counseling sessions with her before the wedding and our conversations were very insightful and productive. I highly recommend working with her!
— A.
My husband and I absolutely love Rabbi Bridget, and we love looking back on our beautiful ceremony that she helped us create! She made us feel comfortable from the first time we met, all the way until the big day when nerves were at an all-time high!

Rabbi Bridget was ... totally different than all other officiants ... she cared about us as a couple and wanted to get to know us on a deeper level.

My husband and I are an interfaith couple ... We wanted a Jewish ceremony that would be inclusive and respectful to his faith as well.

We were also planning our Sacramento wedding all the way from the East Coast. Rabbi Bridget was so flexible with our situation, and we met virtually on multiple occasions leading up to the wedding. She personally tailored the ceremony according to our wishes, and did an amazing job explaining the different elements of a Jewish ceremony to my husband. I learned a thing or two as well!

Additionally, she guided my husband and I to discuss important interfaith topics in more depth than we had previously. She helped us consider options and potential points of contention that we had never considered previously.

Lastly, our ketubah turned out beautiful, all thanks to Rabbi Bridget! With her guidance, we wrote our promises to each other, which were later incorporated into our ceremony.

Many of our guests were blown away by the ceremony, and thought Rabbi Bridget did a great job explaining all of the traditions and including everyone. Thank you so much, Rabbi Bridget, for making our big day so special and unforgettable!
— Laura

I would highly recommend Rabbi Wynne. Rabbi Wynne officiated my wedding two years ago. Before the wedding, she met with my husband and me three times to get to know us and to discuss the wedding ceremony.

I am Jewish but my husband is not, and Rabbi Wynne worked with us to make sure that our wedding ceremony was personalized and special, and that my husband felt comfortable and included in all the traditions.

The ceremony itself was perfect — intimate and relaxed. Rabbi Wynne explained all the traditions to our guests in a simple, yet meaningful way.

We were thrilled to have found her and would recommend her without reservation to anyone getting married, particularly if you are an interfaith couple.
— Karen
Rabbi Bridget was more than just an officiant for our wedding day. She met with us beforehand and really got to know us. She took the time to answer our questions and to explain every detail of the ceremony and make sure it was exactly what we wanted.

As a result, our ceremony was so personal and meaningful. She was kind, calm and supportive to us and our families throughout the day and the days leading up to it.

Our guests still talk about what a beautiful ceremony we had and it was truly because of Bridget. I can’t recommend her enough.
— K.
We could not have been more pleased with Rabbi Bridget. We were initially not intending on having a rabbi officiate, and only decided to do so because it seemed important to my dad. Well, within 10 minutes of sitting down with Rabbi Bridget, I realized how much we would have missed by not having her.

We met and spoke several times and had opportunity to reflect on our relationship and our hopes for our marriage. We wrote our ketubah (document containing wedding promises) and each independently shared our feelings about each other with Rabbi Bridget. She helped us to create a truly meaningful ceremony.

When you’re planning a wedding, it is easy to get bogged down in planning the party — the color of the tablecloths can be a matter of life or death — and lose perspective on the things that actually matter. Rabbi Bridget provided us with an oasis. And yes all of the crazy planning paid off and we had a kick-ass party with great food and a great Prince cover band. But Rabbi Bridget’s ceremony was the best part of the whole thing.

Whether you are a practicing Jew, or (like me) a casual Jew, or (like my wife) not Jewish at all, Rabbi Bridget’s got you! And if you’re wavering about whether or not to go with a rabbi or with a friend who has an online certification to marry people, make the right choice. I had no idea what we would have missed until we met with her.
— Alexander
My husband and I would recommend working with Bridget to any couple. She’s wise, insightful, invested in the weddings in which she participates, and totally down to earth. My husband and I adore her and our wedding would not have been as momentous or joyous without her.

Her process of meeting with couples three times prior to the wedding to plan the ceremony, write the ketubah, and talk through the rite of passage that is marriage meaningfully prepared us for our big day.
— Margo
Rabbi Wynne was an incredible resource for us as we planned our wedding. We met with her monthly over almost six months and she provided insight and guidance at every step.

She helped us reflect on our own unique family histories and cultures, weaving those together into a meaningful and comfortable marriage ceremony. She helped us identify traditions that we wanted to incorporate and personalize. This created a memorable life event in which we were personally invested.

We would recommend her services to any couple seeking a kind and knowledgable mentor in this otherwise potentially overwhelming process.
— E.
Rabbi Bridget knew us both prior to the wedding, but rather than simply rely on that she took enormous care and time to delve deeper into who we were as a couple and what marriage meant to us. She also helped my wife, who is not Jewish, not only better understand the significance of the rituals in a Jewish wedding, but also to embrace them.

Then, during the ceremony, she surprised and delighted us with a little “‘drash” (talk) about us that was filled with wisdom and humor gleaned from our several conversations in the months leading up to the wedding.

To this day people tell us ours was THE best wedding they ever attended. They’re right! It was awesome, and no small part of the credit goes to Rabbi Bridget.
— Dan